Hakkımızda – Nisa Kutu

Hi! Good To See You

I have exquisite taste and boundless curiosity to create a masterpiece

Qubra staging is an establishment that aims to provide a wonderful presentation, while blending dreams and reality . Our work is a result of  our combined inspiration.

We strive for a unique design by utilizing metal, glass ,wood and other materials, and taking into account the harmony of colors.
Our elegant design is a reflection of our hard work.
Our decor will help you sell your house for the highest bid in the shortest amount of time.
Our goals is for potential buyers to feel at home in your house. We want them to imagine themselves cooking a meal in your kitchen, and taking a mid afternoon nap in your living room. By letting us stage your house, you will give them this opportunity.

Our Process

Design your interior to be timeless, sustainable, efficient and beautiful.

Once you have chosen Qubra staging,  we will start with a consultation. After this step, our work will continue and our real presentation will begin. You can be sure that we will decorate your home in a meticulous and attentive manner.

After your home is sold, a date will be set to gather the furniture and leave your home in a clean manner.